New Mexico Joins National Push to Legalize All Abortions

New Mexico is processing a law to repeal prior laws against abortion, whether pre-Roe v Wade or not, having the apparent effect of sweeping all restraint aside and certifying infanticide as legal there. (Babyupdate photo)

The Christian Journal – The New Mexico House of Representatives advanced a bill on Wednesday that would repeal unenforced state law that makes it a crime to perform an abortion unless the procedure is a “justified medical termination.”

The move has deeply concerned pro-life residents, who state that it would not only retain the status quo of allowing third trimester abortion in New Mexico, but would also remove conscience protections for medical professionals who object to assisting with abortions.

House Bill 51, also known as “Decriminalize Abortion,” simply reads, “Sections 30-5-1 through 30-5-3 NMSA 1978 (being Laws 1969, Chapter 67, Sections 1 through 3) are repealed.”

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