New York woman accused of defacing BLM street mural is arrested for third time

Activist and pro Trump supporter Juliet D. Germanotta spills pink paint infront of Trump Towers on 5th Avenue dressed as lady liberty in Manhattan, New York, U.S., August 23, 2020 © Rashid Umar Abbasi/NYPostinhouse.

Painting on the street? Two can play that game. Again and again.

While ruining New York City in many more serious ways, Mayor Bill de Blasio has also ordered the painting of “Black Lives Matter” on several streets, including right outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. Now a habitual protester has been arrested yet again for defacing the spiteful mayoral message at Trump Tower — for the third time, police say.

The mural has been the target of vandalism ever since it was commissioned by de Blasio and painted in early July — one of several painted across the five boroughs of New York after the May 25 police custody death of George Floyd, a fentanyl-intoxicated career criminal, in Minneapolis.

While dressed as a red-paint-spattered Lady Liberty on Aug. 23, Giulet Dita Germanotta, 39, allegedly splashed pink paint on the controversial street sign and held up a Trump 2020 sign for photographers, according to a New York Post story.

Germanotta was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, according to police, who said it was the third time she was taken into custody for defacing the mural. She was arrested Aug. 5 for allegedly pouring blue paint on the big yellow letters outside the president’s Big Apple residence, just days after it had been cleaned from earlier vandalism.

It was not immediately clear when the other alleged incident took place.

Last month Bevelyn Beatty, 29, was charged with dumping black paint on the Trump Tower mural and live-streaming the deed on Facebook. She then did the same thing hours later at murals in Harlem and Brooklyn.

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  1. Well I guess not everyone appreciates the Mayors support of the Marxist, racist, lawless, evil and violent agenda of BLM. He really doesn’t have many supporters these days, and this may be his way of lashing out. That’s too bad because no one wants to be a part of his city anymore and he can say good-bye to businesses, residents, and tourists. All he will be left with is a loser legacy and how he destroyed NYC.


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