NJ Imam Instructs Followers on Jewish Deception, Subterfuge

New Jersey Imam Mateen Khan spoke to a poorly attended gathering of Muslim men and unknown numbers of women (on the other side of the curtain, segregated according to sharia rules) regarding the craftiness of European Jews to shift European antisemitism from themselves to Arabs. (MEMRI photo)

Jewish News Syndicate – New Jersey-based Imam Mateen Khan said during a lecture at the Muslim Center of Middlesex County, N.J. (MCMC) that liberalism is a philosophy that requires everybody to adopt it, and that holds that those who don’t accept liberalism are a threat.

Giving the example of Afghanistan, which he said the United States invaded under the pretext of empowering Afghani women, Khan said that those who don’t accept liberalism are forced to accept it with the pretext of women’s rights, LGBT rights and combating intolerance.

He said that liberals want Muslims to allow them to exercise their freedom of speech to insult the Prophet Muhammad.

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