Oh, boo-hoo! We’re facing yet another Hollywood strike

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Hollywood Strike: A Cry for Sympathy or Out-of-Touch Demands?

Does anyone out there in the real world give a damn about the Hollywood strike?

I highly doubt it.

These pampered screen actors and writers think the whole world revolves around their little bubble of extravagance and excess.

They want us to sympathize with their cries for more money and fair residuals. Cry me a river!

While they flaunt their multi-million-dollar mansions, show off their glamor shots from some exotic getaway, and envy us green with their luxury cars, yachts, and private planes, do they have the nerve to complain about their paychecks?

And let’s not forget the ridiculous plastic surgeries they get to look perfect.

But do they really think we’ll shed a tear for them? Not a chance!

They live in a fantasyland of high-society galas, red-carpet struts, and $126,000 Oscar gift bags while we’re dealing with real-life problems here.

Oh, and now they’re whining about AI potentially scripting lines for them or using their image?

Give me a break!

These so-called “artists” should be grateful they even have a job in the first place. Plenty of talented folks would kill for the opportunity to be in a Hollywood movie or television show without the slightest thought or care about how studios would use their image in a future studio production.

What precisely is their flare-up all about?

Sure, healthcare and pay are part of their gripe, but the real kicker is their fear of generative AI. They act like it’s the end of the world, but this problem isn’t exclusive to Hollywood elites. It affects everyone, even those who can’t afford a rowboat, much less a Greek island getaway!

If we followed their logic, we’d all be on strike against AI taking over every industry!

Back in the day, stage performers didn’t go on strike when the motion-picture camera was invented. They adapted and evolved with the times, even though it put many out of a job.

A few weeks ago, my wife went to a convenience store and was told to put all her items on the counter, which would automatically calculate the groceries. She didn’t have to place them one by one or scan them individually, mind you. She just dumped the whole cart of goods on the counter, stood back, and waited for the tabletop thing to do its job.

Later, I learned the store used “a computer vision-based self-checkout system.”

Why aren’t cashiers worldwide on strike to stop this AI device from taking over their jobs? They should do it now before it’s too late.

I’ll tell you why.

Because if they did, it would simply accelerate the deployment of these “computer vision-based self-checkout systems.”

Hollywood screen actors and writers are on strike because they want the studios to guarantee AI will not replace their jobs.

But by going on strike, they are giving Hollywood bosses every argument and incentive needed to justify going forward with generative AI.

Well, Hollywood, let me break it down for you in terms even you can understand. 

The numbers don’t lie, and they’re not in your favor. While you’re busy stomping your feet and trying to stop the inevitable, the world is moving on, and you’re nothing special.

Have you seen the ratings lately?

People have had enough of your Hollywood productions and the left-wing agenda you’ve been pushing. The decline in viewership is staggering, and it’s a direct reflection of your out-of-touch, overpaid, and self-absorbed political antics.

Nielsen ratings paint a clear picture. From 2011 to 2020, the average time spent watching broadcast TV dropped by a whopping 53%. Cable networks haven’t fared much better, registering a 49% decline during the same period.

And let’s talk about your precious 18–49-year-old demographic. In 2015, only 5 shows received a rating of 0.5 or below. Fast forward to 2021, and a mind-boggling 85 shows are stuck with that dismal rating, while only 10 managed to scrape by with a 1 or better.

Do you want to know why? 

Well, take a good hard look at yourselves. After the BLM riots in 2020, instead of providing quality entertainment, you decided to go woke and shove leftist and identity politics down our throats. 

People are fed up with your virtue signaling and pandering.

Oh, Hollywood, you really are grasping at straws now, aren’t you? 

Your desperate attempts to get the public behind your strike are falling flat on their faces. Setting a stunt double on fire during a performance? Really? That’s your idea of rallying support? It’s nothing more than a pathetic and desperate cry for attention.

Mike Massa, Harrison Ford’s stunt double, thought he could make a point by marching around on stage engulfed in flames in Georgia, holding a picket sign.

Congratulations, you made a point, all right – Hollywood has lost touch with reality and is willing to go to extreme lengths to get noticed.

Massa said he wanted to “make a point” and concluded, “I think I did.”

And what was that point?

“Hey, look, we’re fighting for our rights, and we want you to pay attention to us and believe in us,” he told the Daily Mail.

Let me tell you something: the American public isn’t buying it or paying attention. We’re not interested in supporting your self-absorbed agendas and special treatment. Your claim for unique “rights” that no other American enjoys is laughable and insulting.

Do you know what the public wants?

Good storytelling, genuine entertainment, and a break from the constant political preaching and virtue signaling. We don’t want to be force-fed your propaganda, and we certainly don’t want to be subjected to your fiery antics.

Generative AI script writing? Hey, it might be worth a shot at this point because it really can’t make things any worse. At least AI might not have an agenda to punish Americans for feeling great about their country.

So, Hollywood, take a long, hard look at yourselves and your choices. The viewership numbers don’t lie – people are tuning out and turning away. Your attempts to play the victim and gain sympathy are falling on deaf ears.

It’s time to wake up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Adapt, listen to your audience, and start producing content that actually resonates with the viewers. 

Otherwise, your career will burn to the ground, not just as a stunt antic, and the public won’t shed any tears for your self-inflicted demise.

The choice is yours, Hollywood. Keep playing with fire, or start making real changes. The clock is ticking, and the flames of irrelevance are licking at your heels.


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