Patriots Say Balderdash to Ransom-Style Demands at Border

Masked men and left-wing agitants who complain that the U.S. is racist for having a national border populate the caravan horde now making ransom-style demands for money to go back home with. (Getty Images photo)

Well, here is a rant that is nicely made. The context is members representing the caravan horde at our southern border asking U.S. officials for ransom-style demands like an invading army staff seeking surrender terms.

In all our Cockroach-Zombie reports, we will see few stories range so close to an eerily precise application of our title.

Our Cockroach-Zombie title is meant as an illustration of absurdity of how totally ridiculous yet also frustrating some of the assertions and situations we see around us can be.

In an installment from The Patriots Brief, the contributor delivers a beat-down against the reported demands, and we couldn’t agree more.

The demands

What the asylum-seeking migratory insurgents are asking for:

  • $50,000 to each insurgent calling themselves a migrant asylum seeker.
  • An end to all deportations of other illegal immigrants already in the U.S.
  • A U.S. military-backed coup to topple the government of Honduras.
  • U.S. authorities must respond within 72 hours.

The caravan hordes, when paid in full, agree to depart from the U.S.-Mexico border and return to their homes.

“Heck, even Mexicans don’t want these people, many of whom are from Honduras, in their country,” notes the Patriot. “Well, first, these people don’t get to make demands.”

According to the Patriot’s reading of additional reports, other groups from the caravan have also made demand-like complaints, some asking for asylum claims to be processed faster.

The situation at the border is impacted by a failed “bum-rush” of the border, officials firing tear gas on them, and then the liberals throwing a collective conniption fit over it.

The Patriot responded, “I guess we should remind them that Barack Obama fired tear gas into crowds of migrants at the border, but hey, history didn’t begin until Trump was elected.”

it’s time to pack up your crap and go home

As some groups experience frustration from being contained to settlement areas at the border, local Mexican authorities are expressing frustration too. One Mexican official fingered the caravan leader as a criminal who should be arrested.

The local Mexicans are pressuring governments north and south of them for some sort of clearing-out from the area.

The right answer

The supposed asylum-seeker migrants think they have some leverage for either getting in or getting $50,000 each. Demand leaders call it a “tidy sum” to help them get by when back home in a Honduras, freed from its current version of an oppressive government.

“We all know this is not going to happen,” the Patriot adds. “The vast majority of these migrants have bogus asylum claims. You’re not getting in; it’s time to pack up your crap and go home.”


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