Petition to DC Comics Demands End to Blasphemies

DC Comics now operates with intent to viciously blaspheme our Savior, Jesus Christ, through repeated blasphemous stories about Jesus' "Second Coming" as if a bungling and ignorant side-kick to an "all-powerful" super hero. The comic series places the blasphemous stories into a context of nudity and profanity for added sacrilegious effect, making blasphemy, pornography, heresy and sacrilege their model for business. (Twitter photo)

DC Comics is set on blasphemy, sacrilege and heresy as part of their business model: preparing a series of blasphemous stories focused on a bungling and ignorant Jesus at his “Second Coming.”

Such is the nature of such left-wing zombie cockroaches who are themselves so ignorant of how hateful and malicious they are, in their discussions about the comic they think it, “light and humorous.”

They even went as far to say that no one could possibly be offended by a bungling Jesus super-hero side-kick unless being offended is what they wanted in the first place.

To counter this absolutely filthy and hateful sacrilege against the Son of God, our Savior, a call has gone forth for God’s people to petition DC Comics to pull the series forthwith.

The petition is available here. The call is to sign and share, spread the word that manifold blasphemies – this no less on top of pornographic scenes and profanities – is not okay.

God’s people demand its immediate end, or God’s people can impact the DC Comics business model in many ways.

DC Comics publishes outright blasphemy against Jesus Christ: “When Christ returns to Earth, he’s shocked to discover what has become of his gospel – and now, he aims to set the record straight.” (DC Comics photo)

They can revisit their business model and decide that this is not good for the future of DC Comics.

God’s people can prepare more measures to ensure that a DC Comics business set on manifold blasphemies, pornography and profanity is anathema to every penny that God’s people might spend on DC Comics and any business affiliated with DC Comics.

The outrageous and blasphemous new series features Jesus Christ as the sidekick for a so-called “all powerful” superhero, according to the Citizen GO petition announcement, adding heretical insults to the blasphemous injuries.

this blasphemous content should not be tolerated. Jesus christ is the son of God.

“Let DC Comics know that this comic is inappropriate,” the announcement reads. “It should be immediately pulled from their release schedule.”

According to Citizen GO, Author Mark Russell described his comic as, “God was so upset with Jesus’s performance the first time he came to Earth, since he was arrested so soon and crucified shortly after, that he has kept him locked-up since then.”

The petition announcement notes a correct conclusion for the matter:

“This blasphemous content should not be tolerated. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. His story should not be ridiculed for the sake of selling comic books.”

The petition will be sent directly to DC Comic’s Executive Vice President Amit Desai, Publisher Dan Didio, and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee.

Don’t forget to sign and share this petition


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