Pollsters: Kavanaugh SCOTUS Fight Rallies Republican Enthusiasm

Pollsters are recording a surge of Republican engagement in the 2018 election cycle in the wake of Democrat Party organized slanders that impacted the Kavanaugh family and sparked anger in the Republican base. (Whitehouse photo)

McClatchyDC – They are getting out-raised. They are struggling in suburbia. And their top guy is dividing America. But suddenly, five weeks from Election Day, Republicans are seeing tangible evidence of a spike in GOP enthusiasm that has eluded them all cycle.

“It’s got to be Kavanaugh,” said Republican pollster Robert Blizzard, coming to the same conclusion as GOP operatives nationwide: the Democrats’ efforts to block President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee are backfiring with Republicans who were previously apathetic about the midterms but are now angry—and engaged.

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