CAN demands a meeting with CBS after Stephen Colbert calls Jesus a ‘cuck’

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Christian Action Network

September 27, 2022


The Christian Action Network has sent a letter to the CEO and President of CBS Entertainment Group demanding a meeting after Late Show host Stephen Colbert called Jesus a “cuck” during his September 15, 2022 episode.


The word “cuck,” according to the NY Times, is short for “cuckold, which is a subgenre of pornography in which a hapless husband is forced to not only watch his wife have sex with another man but – oh dear, I had better stop.” (NY Times, Glenn Kenny)


“Christian Action Network is requesting a meeting with CBS executives to discuss an acceptable public apology for allowing one of its network programs to use a deplorable form of character assassination to describe Jesus Christ,” said Martin Mawyer, president of CAN, a Lynchburg, VA pro-family organization founded in 1990.


“We further recommend that Stephen Colbert issue an apology and seek Christian forgiveness for the use of this vulgar word that reduces Christ to a porn fetish or that he be suspended or terminated,” Mawyer wrote in his letter to the CEO and President of CBS Entertainment Group, George Cheeks.


Colbert made the blasphemous statement during a rant against Gov. Ron DeSantis for sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Colbert told his audience, “Just like that cuck Jesus, send that guy a truckload of lepers, see how he likes it.” (Watch video starting at 2:13)


Healthline, a medical magazine, describes a “cuck” as “a fetish or kink in which a person gets turned on by their partner having sex with someone else.” Healthline also says it is one of the most searched categories on porn websites.


“The Bible says Jesus should be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, the Prince of Peace,” (Isa. 9:6) Mawyer said.


“Jesus is not a cuck, a person who seeks to pleasure himself while watching his lover having sex with other men,” Mawyer said.


“Using the public airwaves to describe Jesus as some sort of peeping Tom porn monster is unacceptable and a sacrilegious offense to 2.5 billion Christians worldwide,” Mawyer said.


Though doubtful Mr. Cheeks will have the courage to meet with Mr. Mawyer, the Christian Action Network has plans to ramp up pressure on CBS.


In early October, the group will mail over 100,000 letters to religious Americans of all faiths to generate further outrage against the network’s profane description of Jesus Christ. 




    • Regardless of its recent figurative use, the term ‘cuck’ is inherently derogatory. Its origin in the disturbing practice of one man watching his partner engage in sexual activity with another man, makes it inappropriate and disrespectful when applied to any individual, let alone a figure revered by billions around the world.


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