Pro-Abortionist Thief Beats Elderly Man For Praying, Advocating Life

All of America's pro-life community stands against the senseless beating of an elderly man as he prayed outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in San Francisco. (Flickr photo)

Fox News – An 85-year-old pro-life man was assaulted as he prayed outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in San Francisco last Thursday and it was captured on camera.

In the 22-second clip, an alleged Planned Parenthood supporter knocks the pro-life advocate, identified as Ron, to the ground, tells him to stay on the ground, then repeatedly kicks him as he tries to take away the “40 Days for Life” banner for which Ron was peacefully protesting.

“I tried to keep him from taking it and that was it,” Ron told the NBC affiliate in the Bay Area. “Then he knocked me down and kicked me.”

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