Proper Hijab Debated Among Islamic Religious Authorities, (but Not Religious in Public Schools?)

World Hijab Day promoters do not warn against improper Hijab practices that are against the judgements of Al Awrah and the woman’s garment requirements of Khimar and Jilbab (World Hijab Day photo meme)

Everyone should have a choice. All women should have the right to choose.

These are actual endorsements stated on the World Hijab Day website for why schools should join a global event to wear emblems of Islamic religious uniformity February 1.

But in addition to the observance being religious, therefore unconstitutional, it is religious so that schools and students may find themselves on a terrorist target list if not observed right.

Christian Action Network founder and president Martin Mawyer explained on Monday that if not properly following the religious code of hijab, it could be ruled a perversion of the religious practice: sacrilege in more common terms.

“Just this week, an Islamic religious leader railed against the improper observance of hijab,” Mawyer said. “There are Islamic religious leaders scrutinizing how hijab is observed.

“If adherents to Islam observe hijab in a way unworthy of certain rules or tenants such as Khimar and Jilbab, they can run afoul of Al Awrah judgements, which is a fancy way of saying it is sacrilegious,” he added.

To Mawyer, the fact that improper practice of hijab is sacrilegious or offensive should be a clear indication that it is obviously religious in nature to start with.

“At least I want to warn schools to take heed lest they be seen as sacrilegious in how they observe hijab,” Mawyer said.

“Really, though, the fact that it is a religious controversy among Muslims should be enough to nix this from every public school in America.”

Mawyer referred to an article in the UK Daily Mail in which a Sydney, Australia, Islamic leader spoke against the improper ways that a hijab may be fashioned or worn.

The Oct. 7 article noted that female Islamic preacher Umm Jamaal ud-Din railed against colorful headscarves designed to make one look pretty, so that Allah is offended.

“And with militant Islamists, we know what offending Allah can get you,” Mawyer said.



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