Proposed Virginia school guidelines on transgender students will shock parents

Panupon Pongeaim / EyeEm/Getty Images

The Virginia’s Department of Education’s model policies for school boards about transgender students are now public, and mandate that schools use students’ “preferred pronouns” and allow students to use bathrooms of their choice without being questioned, The Daily Wire reports.

Students are not required to prove in any way that they actually are transgender, according to the policies. Nor are any “diagnosis, treatment, or legal documents” required for the assertion that one’s gender is different from biological sex and to take advantage of what’s offered to transgender students.

The policies also state that teachers and students who do not honor students’ made-up genders and use their “preferred pronouns” will face disciplinary action, and will be guilty of harassment. In addition, faculty and staff are to be told to create “short-term solutions” should a student’s family or guardian not accept their gender claims.

This “may include addressing the student at school with their asserted name and pronoun while using the legal name and pronoun associated with the sex assigned at birth when communicating with parents or guardians.”

School staffers are also urged to get families that aren’t on board with the claims to toe the line, which can include notifying Child Protective Services if they feel a student “is being abused, neglected, or at risk of abuse or neglect by their parent due to their transgender identity.”

Schools will also need to change their records systems, since some transgender students haven’t legally changed their names and genders. Schools are requred to keep the legal name and sex private if a student is using a different name and claiming to be a different sex.


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