Transgender group supported by Prince Harry says 12-year-olds should be given puberty blockers

A transgender group supported by Prince Harry (pictured) recommends giving puberty blockers to children as young as 12

Martin Mawyer

In a shocking revelation, an established and very powerful transgender group in England is recommending to teachers that children as young as 12 be given puberty blockers.

Mermaids, a transgender advocacy group founded in 1995 and which is supported by Prince Harry, held a meeting with about 20 teachers in December of last year at Newman University in Birmingham.

A taped recording has now been released of that meeting, and obtained by the Sunday Times, in which a trainer for Mermaids told teachers that puberty blockers would give children that are questioning their sexuality “immense relief.”

Prince Harry has described the group as “amazing,” saying, “They are on the front line of mental health work in the UK.”

The session is believed to be a blueprint for Mermaid’s training in schools nationwide, says the Daily Mail.

During that December meeting, Mermaids’ also claimed that puberty blocker medication is “completely reversible.”

Michael Biggs, associate professor of sociology at St Cross College, disputed that claim and said puberty blockers lead children to experience psychological problems.

Michael Conroy, who attended the meeting, said he released the recording because he fears Mermaids is encouraging children to believe they are born in the wrong body.

Mermaids stated that giving children puberty blockers will offer them a “pause button” while they explore their sexuality.

“If a young person decides that they are happy in their birth gender then they can stop treatment,” Mermaids says on their website.


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