Quds Day Rally, Dearborn: Cheers for America’s Fall, Israel’s Destruction

Dearborn, MI, Al Quds Day rally brought condemnation of America and Israel, including spite against programs that have provided benefits for immigrant Muslims as if of no consequence because of the evils of American foreign policies. (MEMRI photo)

MEMRI – A Quds Day Rally speaker May 31 in Dearborn, MI, said every U.S. President is a criminal and a terrorist, and that it is only economic sanctions and political arrogance that is maintaining America’s standing in the world.

He cursed all world powers for wishing the masses to remain silent abandoning Palestine, adding, “Not only will we witness the liberation of Palestine, but Allah willing, we are going to play an active role in it with our own hands,” . . .

The speaker also said that the “beloved Leader” Imam Khamenei confirms Israel will crumble in less than 25 years and that the “cancer” of Israel can only be removed through resistance and reliance on Allah.

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