Rhode Island Seeks to Join NY for Abortion Hollocaust Law

The butchered remains of a Minnesota in-eutero person murdered in 2014 proves what is at stake with new laws being passed in numerous states anticipating the overturn of Roe-v-Wade. The push is on to massacre millions more. (Pro-Life organization photo)

Life Site News – On Tuesday, the Judiciary Committee of the Rhode Island state House approved a New York-style bill to liberalize the state’s already lax abortion laws.

The House committee voted 9-7 Tuesday in favor of H-5125A, which faces probable approval by the full House as early as Thursday. It will still have to go to the state Senate, where a companion bill, S.152A, has been prepared.

Democrat Gov. Gina Raimondo, a Catholic, has vowed to sign the legislation, which would enshrine abortion on demand in state law should the U.S. Supreme Court eventually overturn Roe v. Wade.

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