Roo Will Lie to You. Planned Parenthood App Sexualizes Kids

Planned Parenthood seeks access to adolescent youth, to indoctrinate them in the liberalism of the sexual revolution: transgender ideology, homosexuality, LGBTQ agendas, through their apparently harmless, neutral-looking app. (Planned Parenthood promo photo)

Ad Age – Planned Parenthood knows teenagers have a lot of questions about sexual health they may not want to ask their parents. It’s hoping Roo, its new chatbot, will have the answers.

Planned Parenthood worked with digital shop Work & Co on the strategy, branding, design and development of the chatbot — which began testing last year but officially launches Thursday.

Work & Co worked with teenagers from Bushwick, Brooklyn-based charter high school Math, Engineering and Science Academy on the project — including on the name “Roo,” which was intended to seem gender-neutral and friendly to the intended audience.

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