Satanists Celebrate Fall of Man Display at Illinois Capital

The satanic group of about 150 members in Illinois and surrounding states claims no actual belief in Satan, but chooses the Biblical figure as a metaphor for opposing religious tyranny while believing in nothing supernatural. (Facebook photo)

The State Journal-Register – A display from The Satanic Temple-Chicago has been placed in the Statehouse rotunda, joining the Nativity scene to mark the Christmas season and the Menorah to mark Hanukkah.

According to the Satanic group’s application to the secretary of state’s office to allow the display, the sculpture is called “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift,” and it depicts the forearm of a young woman extended, with a snake coiled around the arm, and the hand holding an apple. . . .

Lex Manticore of Chicago, a leader and spokesman for the group, said the arm represents that of Eve in the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden.

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