Saturday Smackdown: Female inmates are forced to become sex dolls for male prisoners

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Each week, Martin Mawyer takes top news stories and gives them a painful Saturday smackdown. So here are the Smackdown lashings for the week of 12.12.22.

Female inmates are forced to become sex dolls for male prisoners

It’s what every male prisoner would likely enjoy. A jail cell with a female sex doll not made out of silicon, but living, breathing flesh.

Yep, that’s what’s happening in, you guessed it, woke Democrat-run states where men who claim to be women are being housed with biological women that they then assault sexually.

Who could have seen this coming?

In prisons in New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey and other Democrat states, complaints from real women and requests for transfers are rising following several horrific sex assaults. In 2020 more than 5,000 inmates claimed to be biologically trapped in the wrong body, nearly all of them men.

Tomiekia Johnson, a former highway patrol officer in prison for murder, is among five prisoners suing a California law that gives trans inmates the right to choose either men’s or women’s facilities.

Johnson described her cell block mate as a “gigantic, tall, physically scary-looking, non-feminine, bizarre, creepy trans.” He’s “one of the pretenders,” she added.

Earlier this year a male inmate pretending to be female took a woman inmate into a portable toilet in the prison yard and raped her, while another kept lookout. The attacker then threatened to rape others.

Ramel Blount, another man pretending to be a female at Rikers Island – who calls himself Diamond Blount – raped a woman prisoner after she finished showering.

In Illinois, Janiah Monroe, formerly Andre Patterson, was accused of raping several women inmates.

Demi Minor, jailed for murdering his foster father, got two women inmates pregnant in a New Jersey women’s prison this year.

In the name of “equity,” prison officials eagerly force women to share jail cells with men at the slightest suggestion that these dudes feel an attack of femininity coming on. Making it even easier for prison officials is that in 2020 California’s hippest wokester, Gov. Gavin Newsom, signed the Trans Detainee Bill into law, giving prison perverts the green light they were waiting for.

America’s prisons are the next (and hopefully final) frontier for men pretending to be women to act out their grotesque fantasies against actual women.

Canada offers sick children the choice of choosing death

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If author Aldoux Huxley were alive today, he might be appalled to see his “utopian” vision for a Godless future, described in 1932’s Brave New World, reach maturation in present-day Canada – where lawmakers are considering expanding euthanasia laws to include children.

These “mature minors,” as Canada calls them, would need to meet certain criteria to be euthanized by the state: The child must be seriously ill, or, under a new relaxation of existing euthanasia laws, must be suffering from a disability deemed “intolerable” by at least two doctors. And in a proposed change to Canada’s suicide laws, death can be assisted even if the person has a mental health condition.

Currently, Canada’s euthanasia laws are the laxest in the world. A staggering 10,000 Canadians were euthanized in 2021 alone, up tenfold in the past five years.

But euthanasia isn’t the domain of our northern neighbor alone. Assisted suicide is legal in California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, Maine, New Jersey, Hawaii, Washington State, and Washington, D.C.

“We are living in a time where we have made all these (medical) strides, but we are going to make it easier and easier and easier for people (to commit suicide),” said Mike Schouten, a Canadian activist who opposes his country’s euthanasia laws. “We’re saying, ‘you’re right, your life isn’t worth living and we’re going to help you end it.’”

Canada has been the scene of some shocking cases:

In some instances, sick people have been granted the right to die simply because they couldn’t afford medicine or housing bills.

One military veteran who complained about waiting for a wheelchair lift was offered suicide as an alternative. Hmmm, a chair lift or death – that’s some choice.

One Canadian man, Les Landry, age 65, lives on a pension and has just received approval for assisted suicide. His only reason for wanting to die is that he’s poor and he fears becoming homeless.

These are some of the saddest cases we’ve heard of. They are the “final solution” of Canada’s despotic leader, Justin Trudeau. His planned expansion of euthanasia laws is truly a ghastly form of tyranny against ill and vulnerable citizens. 

What are we telling young people – or people of any age – when we encourage them to kill themselves instead of letting them know how much they are valued, despite their illnesses or challenges in life? This attitude against life completely eliminates the existence of a God who loves and cares for them and can work miracles for them.

Where is the mercy in these mercy killings?

Making a mockery of the White House: Let’s All ‘Sing and Suck d!’

female inmates forced to become sex dolls

White House attendee Marti Cummings says children should ‘sing and suck d!’

Joe Biden’s signing of the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” last week was a spectacle of gay camp, grotesque drag lewdness and proselytizing to children to convert them into degeneration.

In fact, because children were included in this debauchery, we believe the Biden White House should be charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors. 

One drag queen invited to the White House for the bill signing tweeted: “The kids are out to sing and suck d!” 

It should go without saying that it’s really not ok to encourage children to do that. In fact, Mr. drag queen, it’s a crime.

This drag queen and others have performed drag shows for children in schools and even in churches. Drag shows for children are “a way to bring people together. Kids just want to hear their favorite stories,” say the men who like to dress as flamboyant female clowns. “Keep spreading hate because I’m gonna keep spreading joy.”

Bizarrely, Biden and the pack of lowlifes who attended the signing may have forgotten that the Supreme Court already legalized gay marriage in 2015. So maybe this wacky exercise in repetition – even to the point of lighting up the White House in the same rainbow colors as 2015 – must have been meant to underscore just how much respect the Left has for gay marriage. 

But that’s where we have a slight problem with all this Sodom and Gomorrah stuff – with the word “respect.” 

The bill, called the Respect for Marriage Act, actually demonstrates a profound lack of respect for marriage. God created marriage in the Garden of Eden between a man and a woman, so no matter how many times homosexuals join together in unholy matrimony, it will never truly be a marriage unless it’s a man and a woman.

We can’t imagine a sadder or more perverse display than the one performed by Biden and his band of miscreants at this bill signing. Biden even used the occasion to make a pitch for more transgender “affirming care” for children. 

Yes folks, more genital mutilation and chemical castration for everyone!

The performance was so over the top and preposterous that one could be excused for making light of it. After all, it’s fun to poke fun at Biden and his demented behavior. But we can’t help be saddened by the sight of our nation’s leaders (we use the term lightly), spotlighting nefarious drag queens and talking foolishly about how “love” is now legal.

Because nothing says “love” like a man wearing a babydoll dress at the White House while encouraging children to perform fellatio.

Men are…? Women are…? Oxford leaves us confused

We thought dictionaries were supposed to clarify and define the language.

We were wrong. Because the Cambridge Dictionary has altered the definitions of “man” and “woman” to include anyone who identifies as whatever gender he or she chooses. Wait, I mean they choose … ze chooses?

The new definition of woman, which previously represented the obvious definition – which we won’t insult your intelligence with here – is now redefined as “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.”

Similarly, a man is now defined as “an adult who lives and identifies as male though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.”

Note that the word “they” is used instead of she or he in both redefinitions. This is because the editors of the Cambridge Dictionary just couldn’t bring themselves to use the actual proper pronouns even when describing the biological gender.

We have to ask: Who was clamoring for these dictionary changes? We can only assume that some woke group or maybe a drag queen somewhere demanded that the definition be changed from precise to as vague and meaningless as possible.

Seeing how the Left contorts itself to avoid offending anyone is maddening. Anyone, that is, except actual men and actual women. Which, come to think of it, is every adult in the world.

Changing the language to this extent is like erasing men and women from our civilization. Already, women have lost their standing in women’s sports and aren’t even recognized as mothers (they’re “birthing people” instead). They have been marginalized, instead of nurtured, by woke culture warriors who want to convince them that their female body parts have nothing to do with whether they are a woman or a man.

And men are, well, let’s face it, they dress in drag, whine and complain about having to work, and seem to spend more time in online virtual reality than actual reality. 

In many ways they’re becoming more like women – if there was such a thing as a woman to compare them to.

The Oxford Dictionary editors’ behavior reminds us of what the apostle Paul said in 2nd Thes. 2:11: “And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie.”

Too Cis, Too White, Too Male

female inmates forced to become sex dolls

Jennifer Solot at a school board meeting in Philadelphia

An angry school board member in Pennsylvania – a delusional Biden voter – recently refused to vote for a “cis white male” for board president because it sends the “wrong message.”

What wrong message is that?

Well, we don’t really know, because Jennifer Solot, a member of the Upper Moreland School District who made the crazy statement, only explained that electing the only cis white male on the board as president would have sent “the wrong message to our community: a message that is contrary to what we as a board have been trying to accomplish.”

To attempt to clarify, a cis person is one who – in the vernacular of mentally challenged Biden voters – “identifies” with the gender they are “assigned” at birth. And since we’re breaking down the language, the prefix “cis” is Latin, meaning “on this side of.”

Woke language doesn’t make sense even when you distill it down to its shortest syllable.

I would fall into the category of cis, and so would just about everyone I know and probably everyone you know, too. But for Solot, her comments were a type of virtue signaling that the cis white male on the board was too … normal.

We’re not sure if it was the cis-ness or the white-ness or the male-ness that was most offensive to Solot, but in the end, the story ends well for the cis-white male, Greg D’Elia. He was elected president despite Solot’s objection. In fact, Solot even admitted that D’Elia “would make an excellent president,” but she just couldn’t vote for him. Too cis, too white, too male for her.

The story ends well for the school district, too. After a national hue and cry over her comments, Solot resigned from the board just a few days later.

But just to add a distasteful cherry on top of this sad little story, consider the statement released by the board after Solot’s resignation:

“We value the full diversity of the community we serve and help all students and staff achieve success without discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, disability, or gender identity.” 

Yep, the board is still woke and still virtue signaling even without the presence of Solot.

Dead general told to get out of town and don’t come back

Racism knows no bounds amongst America’s snowflakes; not even death can destroy its ugly taint. That was the absurd conclusion reached by city officials in Richmond, Va.

This past week Richmond officials decided that not only a Civil War memorial needed to be torn down to erase the smell of racism, but the corpse of the Confederate soldier lying in the dirt beneath also needed to be banished.

The statue of Confederate General A.P. Hill was removed on Dec. 12. Horrifically, city officials then completed the exorcism by digging up Hill’s rotted remains beneath the memorial.

Gen. Hill was then exiled to his descendants, but John Hill, the general’s closest descendent, was not happy. “It’s been devastating because that is my family name up there, that’s our headstone,” he said.

Amazingly, once Gen. Hill’s corpse and memorial were removed all the racism in the city of Richmond disappeared.


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