The Secret Agenda Of Muslim Community Patrol Cars

Christian Action Network's shocking report on Muslim Community Patrol Cars policing the streets of New York City.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:The Christian Action Network has released a shocking report exposing the secret agenda behind the controversial Muslim Patrol Cars policing the streets of New York City.

With the aid of confidential informants, the report divulges several alarming facts behind the newly created Muslim Community Patrol & Services (MCP&S), which began launching patrol cars in New York City in November 2018. 

The report, which is authored by Martin Mawyer of Christian Action Network and Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project, reveals:

  1. MCP&S officers plan to enforce Sharia law on both Muslim and non-Muslim citizens in New York City.
  2. Organizers plan to expand their modest fleet of three Muslim Patrol Cars to seven by the end of summer 2019, with the goal of reaching 30 cars in the near future.
  3. The individual responsible for deploying MCP&S cars is Siraj Wahhaj, who has documented links to terrorist operatives and who has called for America’s destruction.
  4. The individual responsible for hiring MCP&S officers is Ali Mustapha, who has twice been arrested for murder and convicted once.
  5. The son and two daughters of Siraj Wahhaj were arrested last May on federal terrorism charges for engaging in “a conspiracy to stage deadly attacks on American soil.”
  6. The 72nd Precinct of New York Police Department is training MCP&S officers in both self-defense and suspect-restraining techniques.
  7. MCP&S is seeking to employ off-duty NYPD Muslim policemen so their officers can carry weapons and have the power to arrest citizens. 
Martin Mawyer (right) and Ryan Mauro (background) meet with an undercover informant on Muslim Community Patrol Cars in New York City.

The 16-page report, titled “The Secret Agenda of New York City’s Muslim Community Patrol Cars,” is being delivered to all New York’s city council members, police precincts and state legislators, including the state’s governor, the city’s mayor and the borough presidents.

“America, especially those in New York, needs to know about the terrorist links to MCP&S and that a convicted murderer is recruiting its officers,” said Martin Mawyer, president of Christian Action Network.


  1. The Muslim community is getting a foot hold, then a stronghold in towns and communities, just like in Congress. When there’s finally enough of them , they’ll use liberal tactics of calling racism, bigotry etc if anyone complains. And they’ll get their way.

  2. I can’t beleive that any arrests they make will hold up in U.S. Courts. However The Thomas Law Center frequently sues Muslim groups when they break the law and The Thomas Law Center is successful are successful!

  3. Perhaps we will know who committed rapes and murders of the hundreds of unsolved crimes. MCP certainly will have opportunities to commit them while resembling the police!

  4. PATH TO SHARIA LAW RULING THE WORLD (The Muslims intend to RULE the world with the tyrannical, totalitarian, oppressive, cruel & barbaric Sharia Law.)
    1. Slither into a nation.
    2. Infiltrate government offices.
    3. End freedom of speech.
    4. Disarm the citizens.
    5. Kill or imprison anyone who opposes Sharia Law.
    Ilhan Omar said, “White men who oppose Sharia Law must be put into chains as slaves”.

  5. — —
    Obamination snuck in thousands of Islamic terrorists. There are at least 23 Islamic terrorist training camps within the USA, and MANY mosques within the United States are being used as terrorist training centers.


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