Silly Racist Prof Embarrasses With ‘White Kneegrow’ Remarks

Trinity professor Johnny Eric Williams castigated the Obamas as white "kneegrows" in comments that have drawn controversy. (Defense Maven photo)

The Daily Mail – A professor at one of Connecticut’s oldest universities sparked outrage for writing on Easter that whiteness is terrorism and referring to the Obamas as white knee-grows.

Johnny Eric Williams, a sociology professor at Trinity College in Hartford, made the recent posts on Facebook and Twitter two years after he took an agreed leave of absence in the wake of his social media statements on race.

Williams wrote on Facebook, “White kneegrows really need a lot of therapy and a good ‘ol a** kicking.” Asked if he was [referencing]. . . Candace Owens, he replied, “I’m referring to her and less brazen but more insidious, dangerous white kneegrows like Barry and Michelle Obama.”

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