Smackdown Saturday: The Pronoun Police Strike Again

The pronoun police strike again
How a harmless giggle cost a teen his chance to compete in a Pokemon event

The absurd reason why a teen was ejected from a Pokemon tournament

People are dreadfully scared of the LGBT community. They must be.

How else can you explain this bizarre story coming out of Charlotte, N.C., at a Pokemon competition?

According to a report from Breitbart News, a teenager was recently booted from a Pokemon competition for succumbing to nervous laughter while being questioned about his preferred pronouns.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Laughing. At a question. About pronouns.

And for that, this young person was kicked out of a competition.

This is just the latest example of the left’s obsession with identity politics and their determination to force their views on everyone, even in the most unexpected places.

Let’s be clear: it’s not the end of the world if someone asks you about your preferred pronouns. It’s a silly question. Even absurd. But the question hardly amounts to fighting words.

Now, I’m no expert on Pokemon battles, but I’m pretty sure the only thing you need to identify is your Pokemon’s type, not your preferred pronouns.

It’s like asking for a player’s blood type before a game of Monopoly.

But apparently, the tournament organizers thought answering this question should be mandatory, without any side commentary, such as a fidgety chuckle.

That’s just absurd. 

I mean, we’ve all been there, right? Nervously laughing when we’re caught off guard? It’s a natural reaction.

Here’s the background to this not-so-humorous story.

Pokemon competitor Makan Tran spent $800 on airplane tickets to attend the Charlotte Pokemon Regional tournament in North Carolina.

After being questioned by a judge regarding his preferred pronouns, he let out a queasy laugh.

He explains it this way in a TwitLonger post:

“I said ‘Um he or him or uh’ and I paused trying to think of the third pronoun (the third pronoun being his).

“As I just stood there looking stupid trying to think of the third pronoun, I felt embarrassed because I was failing to think of a simple word.

“Due to the nerves and me being embarrassed I let out a little laugh, just a normal nervous laugh.”

For that, he was booted from the gaming competition.

“I just sat there in shock and tears and he said he had to cut my wristband off,” Tran wrote. “My dream of winning a regional with my own deck with my deck I had put so much time and work into, was just taken from me.”

Only fear of reprisals from the LGBT gang could make a judge act so callously.

We’re teaching our young people that they must conform to a specific set of beliefs or face consequences.

We’re telling them that it’s not enough to be kind and respectful to others – they must actively promote a certain ideology or be punished.

But where does it end?

What happens when we start punishing people for simply disagreeing with us?

What happens when we start banning people from events for having the “wrong” beliefs?

This is a slippery slope, and we’re already starting to slide down it.

So, to the organizers of this Pokemon competition, I say this:

Lighten up. It’s just a game, not a pronoun showdown.

‘State-sanctioned kidnapping bill’ moves closer to becoming law in Calif.

Do parental rights exist in America?

Maybe you answered yes – but if you live in California, you better think twice.

A California state judiciary committee has just given its stamp of approval to a bill that would allow the state to take children as young as 12 away from their parents and place them in a residential facility (aka orphanage) without any charge, let alone proof, of abuse or danger. 

State Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo is proud of this bill, but Erin Friday, co-founder of the parent group “Our Duty,” calls it what it really is: 

“State-sanctioned kidnapping.”

This is a complete violation of parental rights. And to make matters worse, one of the so-called counselors who would have the authority to take children from their parents describes herself as:

“Pansexual, kink and polyamory-friendly, fierce femme and sex-positive parent.”

Feel better now?

How can we trust such people with the well-being of our children? Unfortunately, the answer is, we can’t. 

This bill, if passed, is a disaster waiting to happen. And, as usual, the children will suffer the consequences of the irresponsible behavior of the adults who pass it.

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Gun threat tweet costs AZ press secretary job

Ariz. Gov. Katie Hobbs is a piece of work, and so is her nasty press secretary, Josselyn Berry.

Correction, former press secretary Jossely Berry. 

Berry has resigned after posting one of the most ill-advised, offensive tweets imaginable – suggesting gun violence against “transphobes.” 

“Transphobes” – that’s you and me, Christians, conservatives, and millions of other Americans who oppose the transgender ideology being pushed on our children.

And to make matters worse, Berry made her disgusting comments just hours after transgender shooter Audrey Hale killed six people in a Christian school in Tennessee! 

Her resignation is not enough. Gov. Hobbs did nothing for days while her press secretary’s repugnant tweet was on full display for the grieving parents and loved ones of the slain to see. 

Our leaders need to step up and condemn this behavior immediately instead of letting it fester.

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Church daycare suing state for mandating ‘sexual orthodoxy’

Here’s a perfect example of the collision of church and state:

A church and daycare center in – where else – California is suing the state after being denied participation in the state’s Food Care Program.

A program they’ve used for over two decades to help feed immigrant and low-income students is now ripped from their hands.

Why were they booted out? 

Because they refused to compromise their stand on sexual orientation and gender identity.

School officials say the state has no business forcing its “woke sexual orthodoxy” on religious institutions – and they’re right.

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Fire chief axed for attending a conference in a church building

After dedicating 24 years of his life to protecting his community, was Fire Chief Ron Hittle rewarded with a certificate of appreciation or a gold watch?


He was fired after he took his staff to a leadership conference that Stockton, Calif., officials deemed a “religious event.”

Ironically, Hittle had been instructed by his seniors to choose a leadership training seminar for his staff to attend… so how can he be punished for following the directives of his bosses? 

But chief Hittle was. 

He and his team attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit to improve their administrative skills and serve their city better. 

The summit included input from high-profile business and religious leaders, such as: 

Jim Collins, nationally acclaimed business thinker; Tony Dungy, winning coach of the 2007 Super Bowl; Daniel Pink, best-selling author, and business thinker; T.D. Jakes, chief pastor of The Potter’s House; and Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric.

Here’s what really inflamed city officials: The conference was held inside – wait for it – a church. 

Needless to say, Hittle and his attorneys have filed suit against the city of Stockton. He wants his job and his reputation back.

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