Smalley Kills Pro-Life Bill, Enables Continued Mass Death of Babies

Oklahoma state senator Jason Smalley, chairman of their health committee, killed chances for a bill to stop the holocaust of abortion there, or at least send another arrow at the heart of Roe v. Wade. What pro-abortion groups had on Smalley as blackmail remains unreported, or if he's simply a traitor to life principles as a matter of deeply personal wickedness. (Christian News photo)

A bill that would outlaw abortion in the state of Oklahoma as an act of murder will not be brought up for a vote per the decision of Senate Health and Human Services Committee Chair, Sen. Jason Smalley, R-Stroud.

The “Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act,” SB 13, filed by Sen. Joseph Silk, R-Broken Bow, states the definition of a human being includes the unborn, and “from the moment of fertilization.”

Therefore, under existing homicide statutes, which define the crime as “the killing of one human being by another,” the unborn would be equally protected, specifically regarding “acts which cause the death of an unborn child committed during an abortion.”

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