Steve Forbes slams own editor for trying to blacklist Trump press secretaries

Randall Lane, CCO of Forbes Magazine.

In an example of the kind of unity and tolerance that liberals preach but don’t practice, an editor of Forbes Magazine has threatened any company against hiring any press secretaries who worked in the Trump White House, according to The Daily Wire.

And in a bizarre twist, the editor was publicly scolded by Steve Forbes himself for acting like someone “during the McCarthy era.”

Randall Lane, CCO of Forbes Media and editor of Forbes Magazine, listed all of Trump’s White House press secretaries in his op-ed and wrote: “Don’t let the chronic liars cash in on their dishonesty.  … Let it be known to the business world: Hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie.”

Lane praised former President Barack Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney and former President Bill Clinton’s press secretary Joe Lockhart as having “left the White House with their reputations in various stages of intact, made millions taking their skills — and credibility — to corporate America.”

In response to the op-ed, Newsbusters shot back, “This is the same Jay Carney who made a career out of spewing falsehoods on behalf of his former boss, like saying that government spending under Obama was lower than “all of his predecessors since Dwight Eisenhower, including all of his Republican predecessors.”

Lockhart admitted in January of 2020 that he made up a conversation between two Republican senators that he claimed were stunned about what they were learning during President Donald Trump’s Senate trial. He later admitted to making it all up.

Speaking to FOX News on Jan. 13, Steve Forbes, the head of Forbes Media, slapped down Lane and his torches-and-pitchforks editorial. Forbes said he values diversity of opinion at his company while taking a swipe at social media platforms that removed President Trump after last week’s protest at the United States Capitol.

“This is reminiscent of what we had in the 1950s during the McCarthy era,” Forbes said.

“People were denied work because of their political beliefs … “

“We’re not going to have blacklists and the like.”

“People can express opinions. Unlike other organizations, we do have diverse opinions at Forbes and we value those diverse opinions and I think that shows strength, not weakness.”


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