Stone: Cold Lies, Deceit and Legal Manipulation Threaten Republic

Roger Stone warns that the inquisition-style tactics of Robert Mueller's special prosecution team will intensify, they are not grown weary, and the template Mueller sets can become a new paradigm for leftist dominance over non-left voices and political views. (Submitted photo)

The plea of Roger Stone, the sixth Trump-connected figure to be charged in the Robert Mueller “witch hunt,” against the Trump Administration is one, not guilty, and two, please help.

According to Stone, the investigation by the special prosecutor’s office is not legitimate, and constitutes a dangerous over-reach of insider power that threatens the nation’s legal and political system.

He asked supporters for help with yet another legal defense fund: his. How many legal defense funds are active because of however many left-wing legal outrages there are targeting conservative leaders is also unassessed in this story.

Stone emerged from a Washington DC federal courtroom waving a Nixon-style “V”-for-victory salute following a highly dramatic arrest at his home in Florida that he described as a staged scene from an action movie.

His own description from the perspective of being inside it all provides a more chilling view of what the mainstream media showed looking from afar, audibly gloating over their big opportunity.

“Backed by 29 FBI agents in full tactical gear and televised by CNN, Robert Mueller sought to label me as guilty,” Stone said. “Had the Office of the Special Counsel requested that I turn myself in, I would have gladly done so.”

Stone pointed to a history of cooperation with Congress, he added that he’s 66 years old, has no passport and owns no firearms. He expected a warrant or an official federal information, a hearing to formalize an indictment: something civilized to fit the level of accusation.

Displaying his Nixon-style “V”-for-victory salute, a defiant Stone emerged from the federal courthouse in Washington DC. Inside was a very brief hearing – mere minutes for a plea entry by his attorney before a judge and a gallery full of reporters. (Twitter photo)

“Instead, they launched a SWAT operation that was more suited to apprehend Pablo Escobar,” Stone said, “all in plain view of their mainstream media goons who were camped out across the street from my house because they ‘got a tip.’

“FBI agents swarmed onto my property and surrounded my entire home in bulletproof vests and night vision goggles,” he added. “My wife Nydia, who is hearing impaired, and our two small dogs woke up to a thunderous bang on our front door.

“When I opened the door, I found myself looking down the barrel of two assault rifles. A helicopter flew overhead and an amphibious FBI unit pulled up into the canal behind my house.”

Stone came under the commanding coercion of a forceful platoon of para-military police as they quickly handcuffed his wrists together behind his back and seized him into their custody.

It was meant to have a chilling effect, and Stone said that the chilling effect should send a shiver through the nation: who could be next?

“The idea of using this kind of force when I am falsely accused of non-violent process crimes, have no prior criminal record and do not own a gun or a valid passport should concern every American,” Stone said.

“While the mainstream media and Democrats continue to lie about what I said, I remain steadfast in my commitment to sharing the truth about the historic election of my friend Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.”

i plan to fight these bogus charges, and i plan to win

Stone characterizes the case against him, yielding five warrants on false statements, a warrant on witness tampering and a warrant on obstruction, as a strategic manipulation of the legal codes.

“The charges against me are carefully fabricated,” he said. “The witnesses are compromised and coached. Note I am not charged with Russian collusion or Wikileaks collaboration or conspiracy.”

Process crimes, and as is typical with searching for as many counts of criminality as possible, the incidents run atop each other: witness tampering is in aspect the crime of obstruction, for instance.

The tampering involves a claim that Stone suggested to another possible target witness of the Mueller probe to plead the Fifth, as in the Fifth Amendment not to incriminate himself. On the surface, legal advice, but Mueller and his team have crafted it into an act of illegal tampering and obstruction.

According to Stone, the whole Mueller prosecution effort is an attempt by conspiratorial insiders who could also be seen as the deep state, to overturn a national election.

“Donald Trump defeated the political controllers and their collaborators in the mainstream media in the most epic of ways,” Stone said.

“As someone who helped him along that journey, they have made me a marked man,” he added. “Like others before me, the FBI plans to pressure me into making false claims about President Trump or face the consequences.”

Donations to help with Roger Stone’s legal expenses can be made at online.

Stone turns a hardened countenance against the challenge, and makes sure there’s no misunderstanding – as there was no misunderstanding his defiant “V”-for-victory salute outside the courthouse.

“President Trump is absolutely right, this is a witch hunt,” Stone said. “I refuse to bear false witness against Donald Trump. I refuse to tarnish my integrity in order to earn freedom from persecution. I plan to fight these bogus charges, and I plan to win.”

Stone said the legal fight ahead will not be cheap or easy, estimating costs running above $2-million. He added that contrary to false comments in social media, he’s not a multi-millionaire.

“I have spent the last of my savings fighting this persecution,” Stone said. “My wife and I have had to end our health insurance plans in order to make ends meet and pay my attorneys.”

Stone concluded that his fight, as are the legal battles of other “persecuted” conservatives, create a vital cause for the nation’s legal system: whether a double standard shall be instituted to destroy the right.

“I refuse to let Robert Mueller run roughshod over our legal system and trample on our basic fundamental right as Americans,” he said, “the right to be innocent until proven guilty.”


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