Syriac Military Council Leader Cosar Guilty on Small Charge, Freed

Johan Cosar is free after a light consequence on Swiss Army charges that he recruited for the Syriac Military Council, a Christian fighter group that remains part of the Syrian Democratic Forces explains." (Alberto Prieto photo)

P.J. Media – The Christian fighters in the Syrian Democratic Forces praised a suspended sentence and separate acquittal handed down to a former Swiss army officer credited with bringing together the militia to fight ISIS.

Johan Cosar was found guilty in his home country last week of undermining Swiss neutrality and security by joining a foreign army, for which he was fined 500 francs and given a 90-day suspended sentence. Cosar said he would appeal the verdict. . . .

Cosar is Swiss-born and of Syriac heritage, and he currently lives in Geneva. He helped found the Syriac Military Council, the Christian unit that fights under the multi-ethnic, multi-sectarian SDF umbrella.

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