Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Church’s advert features Jesus with breasts, a woman’s dress and makeup

The Church of Iceland is apologizing to Christians for running an ad depicting Jesus with breasts, wearing makeup, Mailonline is reporting.

Mom finds fake ad claiming entire family died of coronavirus after...

A false and misleading ad that appeared on Facebook "borrowed" a family's holiday photo to claim that they had all died of...

Anti-Trump Republicans unleash bitter ad mocking evangelicals

Evidently seeing Democrats as better for the future of America, certain Trump-hating Republicans are targeting evangelical Christians who back President Trump, even accusing them...

One Million Moms launches boycott of Hallmark Channel

When you build your multimillion-dollar organization upon sentiment, relationships and romance, expect some complications. Especially when you fall in line with those who want...

Donald Trump stepped on, hog-tied in new Times Square ad

A new billboard in New York City's Times Square graphically advocates violence against President Donald Trump while it pushes athletic wear while trying to...

Mercedes-Benz Releases Ad Featuring Drag Queen

The luxuary car company Mercedes-Benze released an ad last week featuring a mustachioed drag queen in an evening gown.