Church’s advert features Jesus with breasts, a woman’s dress and makeup

The Church of Iceland's new 'woke' ad welcoming people to Sunday School has sparked outrage after it featured a bearded Jesus Christ with breasts, makeup and a dress

The Church of Iceland is apologizing to Christians for running an ad depicting Jesus with breasts, wearing makeup, Mailonline is reporting.

They are not apologizing for the offensive depiction, but merely because they “hurt people,” as if viewers had some kind of weakness or flaw that the church leaders did not count on. Perhaps didn’t desire to see the central figure of their spiritual life — the son of God — portrayed like a clownish female impersonator.

The ad appeared on the National Church’s Facebook page on Sept. 11. It has since been deleted, but was to have remained on buses in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik for another two weeks.

In a statement, the church defended itself by saying: “The 2020 Assembly of the National Church regrets that the picture of Jesus in a Sunday school advertisement has hurt people. The goal was to emphasize diversity, not to hurt people or shock them.”

Petur Georg Markan, media representative for the Church of Iceland, took it a step further: “it’s really important that each and every person see themselves in Jesus and that we don’t stagnate too much,” he lectured. “That’s the essential message … It’s okay that Jesus has a beard and breasts … However, we know that not everyone agrees Christ should appear this way, and we do of course respect that.”

So that’s why the church put the ad on the sides of buses, and on Facebook?

Markan said that the same artist who designed the ad will begin work on a new campaign: “Soon, we’ll be introducing more personifications where, for example, you’ll see Jesus making a contribution to environmental issues.”

Social media reactions suggest the Church is merely alienating its longtime members as it panders to leftist causes. One Facebook user said: “There was a reason I left the National Church and found another Christian congregation.”

Another wrote: “Shame on the bishop!” Other comments included “tasteless,” “humiliating,” and “particularly stupid.”


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