Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Libelous Slander Claim v Media Tracks Toward Billion-Dollar Mark

Fox News - The Associated Press and television networks NBC and HBO may be the next entities sued over their handling of...

False-Fake News Slander Bill is $250 Million in Sandmann v. WaPo

Fox News - Attorneys representing the Kentucky high school student involved in a confrontation that went viral on social media last month announced Tuesday that they...

Judge Moore Files for Dismissal of Corfman’s Defamation Case

More than a year after Leigh Corfman filed a defamation of character lawsuit against Roy Moore in Alabama, the accuser is still refusing to...

Moore v. Cohen Exposes Deceit of Media to Dupe Show Guests

The Daily Mail - Roy Moore's lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen lifts the lid on how the comedian and makers of Who Is America? repeatedly...