Moore v. Cohen Exposes Deceit of Media to Dupe Show Guests

Cohen falsely represented himself as an Israel-TV interviewer presenting Moore with an honor for his pro-Israel stances, but then sprung a punking-style prank segment on him instead, featuring a so-called pedophile detector. Moore's $95-million lawsuit against Cohen exposes the prankster's deceitful tactics. (Showtime video still)

The Daily Mail – Roy Moore’s lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen lifts the lid on how the comedian and makers of Who Is America? repeatedly get guests to make a fool of themselves.

In a recent filing he exposed how by making interviewees sign consent of appearance agreements by founding ‘made-up’ networks and creating false characters, Cohen, Showtime Networks and CBS are able to dupe guests.

It emerged in response to a motion to transfer a lawsuit from Washington DC to New York on Wednesday as the judge sues the three parties for $95-million.

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