Friday, February 26, 2021
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As NFL ratings plummet, networks consider discounting ad space

The National Football League, once a sports titan that livened up the year with rivalry, fandom and spectacular athletic feats performed with...

Cowboys-Rams’ Sunday night football game takes massive ratings hit

Professional football has been turned from epic national entertainment into a billboard for political speechifying, and this season's initials ratings show how...

KC Chiefs to ban ‘Native American’ fan gear at Arrowhead Stadium

As part of the National Football League's ongoing effort to move playing football to the absolute bottom of its priority list, the...

NFL plans to play Black national anthem before Week 1 games

The NFL, specialists in brutality both legitimately on the field and domestically off of it, will be speaking out on police brutality.

Drag queens will make historic debut in Super Bowl LIV ads

Start calling it the Gender Bowl. Advertisers and the NFL are teaming up to give football-loving Americans what they need: Men who...

Former NFL player says league is promoting an ‘effeminate agenda’

MetroWeekly. Former NFL running back Larry Johnson claims there is an “effeminate agenda” being carried out in the National Football League and...