As NFL ratings plummet, networks consider discounting ad space

Low NFL ratings has networks slashing ad prices and renegotiating contracts.

The National Football League, once a sports titan that livened up the year with rivalry, fandom and spectacular athletic feats performed with good sportsmanship, is now rapidly dying.

A dizzying drop in ratings for NFL games has networks slashing their ad prices and renegotiating contracts with big advertisers, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

For some time the league has been embracing thuggish, egotistical behavior by many of its players, which in recent years has turned into all-out disrespect for fans, the National Anthem and American ideals in general, with many players “taking a knee” when they are requested to show deference to the country that made them millionaires. 

The Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to cloak Marxism in a costume of fighting conjured-up racism, has only intensified

Overall, viewership for the 2020 NFL season is down around 9 percent from the 2019 season, reports Front Office Sports, a tracker of sports business news. Week-over-week, the damage is far worse. “The NFL averaged 14.5 million viewers in unlucky Week 13, down 29 percent from the same week last year,” the outlet reported on Dec. 11.

Front Office Sports veered away from player behavior in trying to explain the exodus from professional football. They gave the causes as changing in audience viewing habits during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent coronavirus lockdowns. The league is also struggling to maintain a strict schedule with players out on sick leave, the outlet said; at least one game had to be played on a Tuesday night recently in order to avoid scheduling issues on Thursday, Sunday, and the following week.

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  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish! I will not watch the NFL again between the rule changes and the leftist nonsense allowing the inmates to run the asylum. Whatever were the owners thinking allowing the players to take over? What exactly did they think would happen and who do those idiots think buy the tickets, merchandise and watch on TV? I will gladly answer that question and it’s not BLM, Antifa or feminazis- it is normal Americans that have jobs. That automatically disqualifies the losers named above.

  2. Hopefully it will not be long until the teams have to take a very deep discount on their packages with the networks. I expect when that happens it will not be long until it makes it down to deep discounts in player contracts. At that point, all this SJW garbage may take a back seat.

  3. Well, I bet the owners will be HAPPY to renegotiate the Multi-Million contracts way down. And, since they have put a big wedge between the fans vs the players, when they knock down the player’s salaries fans won’t care. Maybe THAT is what the Long-term plan really was all along – to divide and conquer (the players).


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