Friday, July 3, 2020
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Portland must pay street preacher $50,000 for bogus ‘ban’ from park

It might have felt good – even holy – for Portland, Ore. officials to kick a Christian activist out of a public...

Antifa thugs throw rocks at police, vandalize war memorial, jab civilians...

In Portland, Ore. the cure for a Ku Klux Klan rally turned out to be possibly worse than the disease.

Evangelist sues city of Portland after being told to leave park

A West-coast city with a reputation for "cracking down on street preachers" now faces legal action from one of those speakers, who appears to...

Conservative event in Portland targeted by Antifa extremists

Portland, Ore. has added to its troubling history of far-left violence, threats and attempts to shut down free speech and assembly.

Antifa member gets 6 years for striking man on head

A man connected to the far-left hate group Antifa was been sentenced to nearly six years in prison after he was caught on...

Two arrested for assault on MAGA hat wearing man

Police have arrested a man and woman who allegedly assaulted a man wearing a MAGA cap while he was on a date...