For 97 people arrested during Portland’s 100+ days of riots, most charges dismissed

Edward Thomas Schinzing

Dozens of violent protesters arrested by federal authorities in Portland, Ore. last summer are seeing their cases dismissed or deferred without their spending so much as a day behind bars, reports FOX News.

Between May and October the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s Office filed federal charges against nearly 100 people who participated in violent riots and demonstrations in Portland unrest. Some 58 of those cases have either been dismissed or are headed to dismissal via deferred resolution agreements. Thirty-two cases remain pending, with sources saying many will likely also end in dismissal. Seven people have entered guilty pleas.

Of those pleading guilty, one is headed to prison: Edward Schinzing was caught on video setting fire to the Justice Center with his shirt off and his name tattooed on his back. A plea deal has Schinzing serving the five-year mandatory minimum sentence for arson.

“It’s offensive to all the men and women who risked their lives in Portland for 90 to 120 days or even longer in some cases, being attacked night after night after night,” said Chad Wolf, the acting Secretary of Homeland Security under President Trump.

Former federal prosecutor Alex Little says the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s Office was most likely overwhelmed.


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