Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Prayer plaque removed from Virginia county schools

When the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) tells local school officials to jump, it seems that the school officials' only question is "how high?"

Parents lash out after Va. district sneaks gay books into...

Parental backlash over questionable books added to school libraries for the current school year is having an effect in Loudoun County, Va.

2 Virginia abortion laws upheld by federal judge, 2 struck down

US District Judge Henry Hudson, on Monday, upheld two Virginia laws restricting access to abortions, while striking down two others.

Christian real estate agent is FORBIDDEN to make religious statements, then...

The News Virginia. A Richmond-area real estate agent is suing the Virginia Real Estate Board after being told she couldn’t include Christian...

Fury Mounts From Firing Over Transgender-Pronoun Infraction

Momentum grows to convince a local school board to reinstate a Virginia school teacher after firing him last week because of a transgender pronoun...