Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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New WV law allows Bible classes in public schools

Under a new West Virginia law, county boards of education may now offer courses that familiarize students with the Bible, reports UPI.

West Virginia Senate passes ‘Born Alive’ bill

Indicating their willingness to stand up for helpless newborns who have already been targeted for abortion but who have survived the procedure, the West...

Born-alive bill in WV is among first out of the House

Sending a message of resistance to abortion appears to be a strong current in the West Virginia House, which made a bill ensuring...

Drag Queen Story Hour event CANCELED after violent threats

WVPublicLibrary. A West Virginia library says violent threats prompted it to cancel an event where drag queens were going to read to...

Father Learns School Daughter had to Write Out Islamic Creed

Pastor Rich Penkoski tells Christian Action Network of his outrage when he learned his 7th-grade daughter brought home a work assignment to write out...