Taunting Pro-Life States Trending, Missouri Latest Case

A pro-abortion billboard near Illinois' border with Missouri is a typical taunt appearing on state borders where one state has pro-life leanings while the bordering state has little or no concern for in-utero people: the biologically replete and individually developing product of human conception, or human being by definition. (Twitter photo)

CBS News – A head-turning billboard that encapsulates state differences on Roe v. Wade recently appeared on the side of an Illinois highway, near a women’s health clinic that services patients from Missouri where abortion laws are tougher than in Illinois.

Drivers crossing into Illinois on I-55/I-64 from Missouri will notice the attention-grabbing billboard, commissioned by a pro-abortion group. It welcomes drivers to Illinois, “where you can get a safe, legal abortion,” it reads.

The clinic posted it in March, following a move by Missouri legislators in February to take steps to outlaw abortions in most cases. Hope Clinic for Women is in Granite City, Illinois, just outside of St. Louis.

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