TBS Show Spites, Mocks, Parodies, Blasphemes God

Steve Buscemi, famous for acting roles in the Sopranos and Fargo, plays a spiteful and capricious god who boozes up and carelessly decides he wants to destroy Earth while his heavenly host, including a role by Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame, develop a scheme to save the day through sexual relations that serve as an answer to prayer. (media screenshot)

Christian News – Concerns are raised over a blasphemous new television show: “Miracle Workers” that depicts God as a bumbling, . . . uncaring figure who decides to blow up Earth, . . . faced with a bet from a worker that if she can answer even a single prayer marked “impossible” he must spare the world.

The prayer ends up being the task of helping a man and woman fall in love, and the divine asserts that in order for the bet to count, the man and woman should have “full sex.”

“Can we truly know and love the Lord and not be appalled when His good name is dragged through the mud . . . ?” [said media critic Joe Schimmel].

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