‘Tear down this wall,’ says Rep. Lauren Boebert regarding Pelosi’s Capitol Hill fence

GOP Representative Lauren Boebert demanded in a video posted Monday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 'tear down this wall' of fencing around the Capitol complex

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has published a demand for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “tear down this wall” of fences and barricades that was put up around the U.S. Capitol complex shortly after the Jan. 6 demonstration that resulted in the shooting death of an unarmed female Donald Trump supporter.

The demonstrators were protesting an apparent abuse of power as Congress certified a 2020 presidential election that was rife with suspicious voting patterns, unexplained suspensions of vote counting in major Democratic-run cities and suspected fraud.

A highly partisan review of security at the Capitol had resulted in recommendations of a retractable fence system, more officers and the establishment of a full-time task force to guard the historic building that will cost up to $130 million a year.

Boebert, a Republican representative from Colorado, released a video on Twitter lauding former President Donald Trump for building a security wall at the Mexican border and contrasted it with Democrats encircling the Capitol with fences.

“Here’s what I know: you protect what you love,” Boebert says in the video, from within the security perimeter outside the Capitol. “President Trump built a big, beautiful wall because he loves America and he wanted to secure our country and protect us.

“And now, welcome to Fort Pelosi,” Boebert says as the scene changes to her standing along the fencing, “where Democrats decry walls from within their own, heavily guarded, razor wired wall.”

“Democrats don’t want to protect you, because they don’t care about you. But they’ll spare no expense protecting themselves,” she says.

The video proceeds to show clips of Pelosi, Joe Biden and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton all bashing the wall being built at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“It’s time to cut the crap and remember, this is the people’s house,” Boebert said as she pointed to the Capitol dome. Then, using the words of Ronald Reagan about the wall dividing East and West Berlin in 1987, she demands, “Madam Speaker, tear down this wall!”



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