Lawyers and Fla. teacher who refused to remove BLM flag get $300,000 payout

Amy Donofrio/ Facebook

A Black Lives Matter flag hung at her classroom door has cost a A Duval County, Fla. teacher her job, but she’s now $240,000 richer after the school district settled with her and her well-funded attorneys, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), reports the Florida Times-Union.

How much did the SPLC, referred to in a USA Today editorial as recently as 2019 as “an obscenely wealthy marketing scheme” whose own president resigned amidst claims of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and racism, walk away with?

They received $60,000 of the teacher’s settlement – Florida taxpayers’ money.

Amy Donofrio said she was unfairly removed from her teaching post in the spring after she was told to take down a Black Lives Matter flag that had been hanging over her doorway. Just as some people claim to find the Confederate battle flag offensive, others find the BLM flag obnoxious, divisive and even racist, without even historical-artifact status to justify its presence.

After Donofrio refused to remove the flag, the district temporarily reassigned her. SPLC said the reassignment was an effort on the school district’s behalf to “retaliate” against the teacher and also violated her right to preach politics to students she was being paid to teach.

This month, the Duval School Board voted to settle with Donofrio and prevent the case from a years-long case that could potentially cost millions of dollars.

“Though we know we haven’t done anything wrong; these are taxpayer dollars,” board member Warren Jones said at the time. Records show that the school board agreed to pay a $300,000 settlement with $240,000 going to Donofrio and the remaining $60,000 to her attorneys.

Separately, Donofrio’s teaching contract was not renewed with Duval Schools.


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