Florida teacher who displayed BLM flag outside her classroom reaches settlement

Amy Donofrio/ Facebook

Some kind of settlement has apparently been reached between the Duval County (Fla.) Public Schools and one of its teachers, who refused to remove a Black Lives Matter flag that had been hanging outside her classroom for months.

Details of the school board’s agreement with Amy Donofrio were kept under wraps, being excluded from the agenda of a July 20 meeting and placed off-limits for discussion by Donofrio.

The teacher was kicked out of the classroom during the confrontation and does not appear to have been restored to her job.

The hard-leftist and extremely wealthy Southern Poverty Law Center sued Duval County Public Schools in April on behalf of Donofrio, claiming the district retaliated against the Robert E. Lee High School teacher and violated her free-speech rights.

Donofrio had been reassigned to paid, non-teaching duty while the district investigated what it called “several matters” related to alleged misconduct. The reassignment followed her refusal to remove her leftist flag, which she and her attorneys called discrimination.

Students and teachers are routinely barred from prayer or expressions of faith at schools across the nation.

The district has said that an internal investigation of Donofrio is “active and ongoing.” However, she is listed among teachers who did not receive reappointment to her previously assigned school.

News4Jax requested a copy of the settlement agreement and did not receive an immediate reply from the district.



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