Transgender ‘woman’ wants to be with females after claiming rapes in male lockup

Tavoy Malcolm, 29, is suing the federal government after she says she was repeatedly beaten and raped by two male inmates while awaiting trial in Brooklyn, New York

A Jamaican man who pleaded guilty to tricking and swindling old people out of their savings thinks he should be jailed with women, because he feels like he’s a woman.

He also says he has been raped by other men at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center while awaiting trial.

Tavoy Malcolm and Lorindo Powell, two Jamaican nationals, were arrested in 2017 for allegedly swindling elderly women out of $600,000 to fund a lavish lifestyle. Now Malcolm is suing the federal government for allegedly ignoring his repeated requests to be housed with female inmates while he awaits trial.

Malcolm’s victims included a Maryland couple with dementia, a 91-year-old who was close to death and a 77-year-old who ended up losing her home. Their scam involved tricking senior citizens into thinking they had won the lottery, and getting their banking credentials.

Powell pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 51 months’ imprisonment and ordered to pay $770,632.50. In August 2017 Malcolm also pleaded guilty and was sent to jail while awaiting sentencing.

Malcolm said that at the time of his guilty plea he was in the midst of a sex change to the appearance of a female. He claimed that authorities ignored the fact that he was undergoing hormone treatment and breast augmentation and housed him with other male inmates, according to the New York Daily News.

He alleged that he was atteacked and raped by two men over two months while in jail.

He said he took the name Tiana Miller and asked to be placed with female inmates, according to The STAR of Jamaica.


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