The mainstream media wasn’t there. But CAN was. What we saw at the Jan 6 Trump Rally

Trump Rally January 6, 2021

Alec Rooney, News Editor

It needs to be emphasized that, despite media misrepresentation, something relatively amazing happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Windows and doors were broken. Clashes resulted in the deaths of at least two people, an unarmed female protester and a police officer, as We The People tried to regain some control of our off-the-rails government.

The crowd that marched down the National Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue was boisterous and energized but surprisingly calm, considering that inside their destination, the Capitol building, the vital, simple value of being able to cast a meaningful vote was about to be shamelessly, brazenly denied.

That is why they marched, when and where they did.

The enormous crowd “looked like America,” that well-known leftist term. Men and women in equal share, black and white, huge numbers of immigrants bearing signs and flags showing their Chinese, Mexican, Latino, Vietnamese, Iranian, Taiwanese, Canadian, Caribbean descent. College students, teens, grannies and grandpas, families with small children, goths, nerds, wheelchair users, blue-collar workers, ex-military, wives, mothers, husbands, loners and chanting groups from every state.

On Jan. 6, the American right to elect one’s own government was set to be overthrown, as Congress rocketed ahead with electoral vote certification despite countless sworn statements of voter fraud. There were also unlawfully altered state election regulations, grave and unanswered concerns about the entire election being decided by a handful of “swing states” after mysterious late-night halts of vote-counting, impossible shifts in vote data metrics, and even video evidence of ballot counters violating rules, unloading fake ballots and expelling observers who were not Democrats.

And overthrow free and fair elections, Congress did. They voted to make our voting meaningless. All without launching a single meaningful audit or investigation, with many daring to claim that the mass outrage outside actually justified their charade.

Outside, the patriots arrived and pushed forward, wanting their chants to be heard inside the Capitol. Despite the obvious anger the crowd was incredibly polite, helping tired and overwhelmed people get away, watching out for each other, picking up litter, lots of laughing and good-natured carrying on. There were some rough guys with helmets and body armor, but we witnessed absolutely no blows or attacks on police officers at our location on the western side of the Capitol. It was more like a human wave, pushing like people trying to get into a concert.

By the time CAN arrived at the top of the steps the House side doors were wide open and many windows were spider-cracked. Capitol Police stood aside apparently allowing the crowd inside, with cameras, to see what was unfolding there.

This is the amazing part. There was no broken statuary, no spray-paint, no flung bags of excrement, Antifa-style. There was noise, and the singing of the National Anthem, but even the velvet ropes cordoning off the statues in the Capitol Crypt were still in place. People chatted with the police, who stood back. Where they were guarding passageways, there was no confrontation.

For the majority, it was enough just to have gotten in here, and possibly been heard.

Outside again, about thirty minutes later, the police began their charge. They swept around the veranda in a solid wall and the batons and pepper spray started to fly. There was a semi-stampede. Mobile phones were dropped and trampled. Flashbangs went off and we decided to depart.

From our experience, this was not a crowd out to burn, destroy, deface and certainly not kill. They were We The People, they were patriots, and what they wanted and felt they had been denied, time and time again, was one simple thing:

To be heard.


  1. This was a sad day. I think everyone needed to be heard. Our President tried to take this to court to show the voter fraud but no one would listen. My heart is broken for our President. He has done nothing but work for the American people. I can not wrap my head around how people disrespected him. He is our President and no one should have treated him this way. I love my country and am thankful for the men and Women that fought for our freedom. I feel we are losing our rights. The constitution that was written by our forefathers it does not matter to people todayand that is a shame People burned buildings and killed little children did the rioting and no one even tried to stop them and no one even said anything about it it was fine but then what happened at the capital was not Trump followers fault he was blamed for it this is wrong. I wish someone would explain this to me.

    • Well, Linda, I’ll try to explain. Think of it this way: Our President invited a crowd to Washington, DC, whipped them up into a state of phony righteous indignation, then sent them marching up to Capitol Hill in the hopes they would disrupt a Constitutionally-mandated act of Congress, i.e., the counting of the electoral votes, which was about to certify that Joe Biden won the election. I can’t say with any certainty whether Our President would be convicted in a court of law for inciting a riot– or inciting insurrection, as the draft impeachment articles would have it– but I can say with confidence that this paroxysm of violence in the service of the authoritarian whims of Our President was as predictable as the sun rising in the east. Some of us knew it, and predicted it, the day he descended the escalator in his gaudy tower in New York. We knew exactly who and what Donald Trump was because we had followed his career for 40-odd years. We knew he was no good and we knew that he was about to pull off the Greatest Con Job in the history of Our Great Country. But don’t take my word for it. Listen instead to Garrison Keillor writing in September 2016, and ignore Mr. Rooney’s too-clever-by-half propaganda lies and seditious b/s. Keillor’s article was entitled “What Every New Yorker Knows About Donald Trump.” Here are the first lines:

      “A week ago, a panhandler in Times Square sat holding a sign reading, “Give me a dollar or I’ll vote for Trump,” and people laughed and reached into their pockets. His bucket overflowed. He stuffed the bills into his jacket, and other panhandlers looked at him with admiration. The man could’ve sold franchises and retired to Palm Beach.”

      “The panhandler knows what every New Yorker knows, which is that the biggest con job since the Trojan horse is taking place in our midst. Millions of Americans are planning to cast their votes for a man who has lived his life contrary to all of their most cherished values. They are respectful, honest, generous, loyal, modest, church-going people with no Mafia connections and good credit records who try not to spout off about things they know nothing about.”

      “His followers out on the prairie were brought up to be wary of slick-talking New Yorkers but here they are, falling right into line behind the biggest braggart ever to hit the sawdust trail. It’s going to be an education for them….”

      Hope that helps.

      • Actually Duggan, I think your comment to Linda should hold the title of the “Greatest Con Job in the history of Our Great Country.” I jest, of course. The mainstream media has you beat by miles.

      • If you knew what you were talking about you would know the rioters were already in the capital building while Trump was giving his speech where he told his supporters to protest “patriotically and peacefully”. You would also know that the riot was planned prior to January 6.

        You have demonstrated ignorant bias fed to you by CNN et. al.

        You have no idea who Donald Trump is but I, and others know who you are. You have no understanding of your own so you have to spout what is fed to you by the liberal media.

  2. Thank you Martin for your patriotism, and Christian worldview. I’ve followed you for a long time and agree with everything you have stood for. Also, Thank you Linda for being able to see what Duggan cannot see. There are many of us out here just like you.

  3. Martin, got the book when it came out. Well, well written. Thank you for being there and giving us the truth, when so many were telling lies (and still are).


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