TX governor demands that 8th-grade teacher be fired for comparing police to KKK

Students at a junior high school in Wylie, Texas, were set an assignment based on this cartoon

For evidence that many of today’s teachers see it as their job to indoctrinate their students in their own, superior morality, look no further than the Wylie, Texas Independent School District, where a junior high teacher had students write about an inflammatory political cartoon that equated police to slavers, slave masters and the Ku Klux Klan.

Governor Greg Abbott has asked the Texas Education Agency to investigate and take action against the teacher, tweeting: “A teacher in a Texas public school comparing police officers to the KKK is beyond unacceptable. It’s the opposite of what must be taught. The teacher should be fired. I’m asking the Texas Education Agency to investigate and take action.”

The 8th grade social studies assignment at Cooper Junior High was called off after the National Fraternal Order of Police criticized the school district, publicly questioning the judgment of “every adult within your school.”

The assignment included a political cartoon with different images of men throughout history, all of them white, kneeling on the necks of black men. An e-mail from the school principal to parents said “teachers wanted to provide the students with current events to analyze the Bill of Rights.”

The original cartoon was by David Fitzsimmons, a cartoonist at the Arizona Daily Star whose work is one-sidedly leftist and pro-Democratic party at the expense of truth and facts. 

Some parents didn’t have a problem with the lesson, claiming it was taken out of context. One parent told CBS 11 News that although the lesson sparked a “difficult conversation,” it was a necessary discussion to have. But the backlash was too big to ignore.

Wylie ISD released a statement about the assignment that reads:

“Wylie ISD is aware that a junior high social studies lesson taught at one of our schools included political cartoons that have been divisive in our community. These political cartoons portrayed in this lesson are not part of the district’s curriculum resources or documents. The assignment has been removed, and students will not be expected to complete it. We will continue to work with our staff to ensure content follows the state curriculum.”


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