U.S. Navy to join military ban on Confederate battle flag display

The US Navy has announced it is banning the display of the Confederate battle flag, as pressure mounts to remove symbols associated with racism and white supremacy from the military and public places across America

The U.S. Navy is stumbling to keep up with the media’s 2020 racism push, announcing via Twitter that it is banning the display of the Confederate battle flag in areas under its control.

The move might have been an attempt to keep up with the Marine Corps – which banned the flag for a second time in recent weeks – in political “woke” -ness.

Politicians and media chafing against the presidency of Donald Trump are dialing up as much pressure as possible to remove symbols that they claim are associated with racism and white supremacy.

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Gilday announced the pending ban on the flag in all public and work areas on Navy bases, ships, aircraft and submarines in a tweet on May 9, according to MailOnline.

Gilday said obeying the news media and Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will “ensure unit cohesion” and “uphold the Navy’s core values.”

“Today, I directed my staff to begin crafting an order that would prohibit the Confederate battle flag from all public spaces and work areas aboard Navy installations, ships, aircraft and submarines,” Gilday tweeted on May 9.  

It is not yet clear how the order will be implemented in private spaces such as individual barracks rooms, desk drawers or lockers or whether such spaces will be exempt from the rules.


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