Universal will release film about killing people in red states

Theatrical release poster

At a time when political divisions are taking a nastier and nastier tone and even giving rise to violence, who would think a film about America’s elites killing people in red states would be a good idea?

Hollywood, of course.

Universal Pictures announced this week that it will release The Hunt, a social satire film it canceled in the wake of criticism about its premise of hunting down people for sport in “non-elite” states.

According to the New York Post, a trailer announcing the film’s March 13 release date presents the hunting of regular people as a conspiracy theory. Star Hilary Swank says at one point that “it wasn’t real” amid images of shootings, explosions and other violence.

The trailer pitches the film by calling it “the most talked about movie of the year … (that) nobody’s seen yet.”

In August, Universal Pictures canceled a September release for the picture after criticism, including from President Donald Trump. Without mentioning the film by name, Trump said it was intended “to inflame and cause chaos.”

The cancellation came after the studio had already suspended the ad campaign for the R-rated film after mass shootings in Texas, Ohio and California.

The film features 12 strangers who awake in a clearing who don’t yet know they’ve been chosen for the hunt, but one of them manages to turn the table on the pursuers, according to a synopsis released this week.


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