Warriors for Christ are mobilizing to expose Drag Queen Story Hour

A witness against the transgender indoctrination of small children is underway with the help of the "Warriors for Christ" ministry. (Facebook photo)

A growing fellowship of Christians is responding to the national Drag Queen Story Hour movement, to say it is wrong for kids and families, calling it harmful and untruthful indoctrination into gender fluidity.

“Warriors for Christ” leader and pastor Rich Penkoski, a response coordinator, told the Christian Action Network that the plan is to expose the well-organized drag queens as “a gay fraternity” up to no good.

Penkoski is jetting down to Louisiana in response to a Drag Queen Story Hour event scheduled for Saturday at the main public library in Lafayette.

Pastor Rich Penkoski leads the Warriors for Christ outreach ministry (Submitted photo)

He and others will gather outside the library the same afternoon to protest the deceptions of the story hour event while also sharing the good news of the gospel.

Drag Queen Story Hour is a noted national movement to schedule drag queen homosexual and transsexual men to read for a public library gathering of young children, usually on Saturdays.

“The parents need to know that a drag queen is coming to their library to indoctrinate the children ages three to six that being a drag queen is normal, gender fluidity is normal,” Penkoski said.

“This isn’t about bigotry, it’s about protecting our children,” he added. “Biology is not bigotry. Children should not be misled this way. We should stand up and be perfectly clear: we will not accept this gender confusion, this indoctrination of our children.”

Penkoski noted that his preparation included coordinating with the library itself: Lafayette Library Main Building in Lafayette, Louisiana. Through persistence he and partnering families arranged a venue there immediately after the scheduled Drag Queen Story Hour.

“The fact that we have the library caved in on this after three tries is huge,” he said. “More families are realizing that we can not just sit on the sidelines any longer.”

Exposing the drag queens is not just about protesting the contact between sexually deviant men and young children, but it is also about exposing the materials they use.

Penkoski characterized it as propaganda for homosexuality, transgender ideology that says gender, human sexuality, is fluid, not created by God under a moral order for safe, healthy relationships.

For example, the “Dragtivity Book.” is a coloring book given out at the events as an opportunity for children to design their own colorful drag-queen outfits.

“Help Hello Mellow get into drag,” the event promotion states, and it is “a fun way for children and the adults in their lives to continue to experience drag and gender together.”

We should stand up and be perfectly clear: we will not accept this gender confusion, this indoctrination of our children – Penkoski

Penkoski characterized the young men organizing the drag queen events as unfriendly to family values and not at all qualified for close interaction with very young children.

“This is a gay fraternity,” he said. “They don’t have children, they’re gay – gay men, grown men, who are pushing their agenda, a sexual agenda, on three and four-year-old children. That’s what we’re trying to call attention to.”

Penkoski said that more such responses are planned, and more can be organized through the “Warriors for Christ” Facebook page: a growing fellowship of Christians willing to stand up and tell the truth.

“We can show that we’re not like the left, Antifa, whatever, we’re not threatening or violent. But we can call attention to things that are inappropriate in a civil way,” he said. “We want to help families and communities.”

He is also going to the courts for a possible solution there. “We’ve filed a federal lawsuit on this, and we’re seeking a restraining order to stop it,” Penkoski said.

Penkoski is the West Virginia Dad who stood up to school officials for his daughter when they would not correct a clear indication of inappropriate Islamic indoctrination.


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