2 men shouting Islamist slogans smash car into Barcelona airport

A vehicle pictured inside Barcelona airport's terminal one this morning. Police said the incident did not cause any injuries

It takes more than a worldwide virus quarantine to keep good jihadis at home, even if there are fewer people out and about to terrorize.

In Spain, two men shouting Islamist slogans were being held after they crashed a car through the main revolving doors of Barcelona’s airport early in the morning of March 23.

No explosive devices were found in the car, which the men crashed into El Prat airport’s terminal one at around 5 a.m., but the pair were found to be have €10,000 on them. Both men are Albanian, and one was determined to have taken taken drugs and was transferred to a hospital.

The grey vehicle, believed to be a Renault came to rest in the airport’s intermodal zone. Spanish military vehicles responded and could be seen parked outside the airport. The car was later driven out of the airport terminal through the disabled revolving doors.

No injuries were reported.

Spanish authorities have not ruled out any theories about the slogan-shouting men’s motives, regional police chief Eduard Sallent said.

Spain remains in a state of emergency due to coronavirus, and is the second worst affected country in Europe. As a result, the usually bustling airport has had many flights cancelled or re-scheduled.

The vehicle halted next to the escalators before its occupants were arrested, reported 20 Minutos. Spanish police announced that the airport had been secured at 6.40am.La Vanguardia reported the men were not armed and ran up to the first floor after entering the building. One of the men put up strong resistance


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