300 more young men freed from Islamic boarding house of rape

Some of the 300 male students of 'different nationalities' sit on the floor in chains outside the school's torture chamber in the Rigasa area of Kaduna in northern Nigeria

In a follow-up to a similar raid last month, more than 300 young men have been successfully freed from a second Islamic boarding school in Daura in the northern Katsina state of Nigeria.

Police descended on the school after few men managed to escape on Sunday and launch a street protest against the shocking and debilitating conditions.

The men were shackled, raped, and tortured in the school where they had been enrolled by their families to treat drug addiction and learn the Koran despite some criticizing Islam for being a flawed religion.

The news comes after 500 boys and young men were freed by authorities from a Kaduna based Islamic boarding school which is 280 miles south of Daura. The students underwent a similar condition where they were chained, hung from ceilings, beaten, and molested.

Katsina Police Chief, Sanusi Buba said, “We learnt that the inmates here are over 300 and because of the inhuman treatments they are being subjected to, they revolted yesterday (Sunday). Some of the inmates escaped while…about 60 of them stayed back.”

Buba said the school had been established 40 years ago by the 78-year-old Muslim cleric, Bello Mai Almajirai, who later transferred the management to his son. 


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