5 arrested for vandalism at San Rafael Church in San Francisco

Indigenous Peoples Day demonstrators tear down a statue of Junipero Serra after covering it in paint at Mission San Rafael Arcángel in San Rafael on Monday, Oct. 12, 2020. (Douglas Zimmerman/Special to the Marin Independent Journal)

“Indigenous People’s Day” turned into “Destroy Others’ Property Day” on Oct. 12 in San Rafael, Calif., with yet another gang of aggrieved “protesters” toppling yet another statue and yet another church while police stood by and did nothing for fear of making the protesters angrier.

Five people were arrested after a protest that included the vandalism and toppling of a Junipero Serra statue at Saint Raphael’s Catholic Church in San Rafael, KPIX 5 News reports.

The property-destroyers sprayed red paint on the statue before pulling it off its base to the ground.

The protest had been organized on social media to coincide with Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a new creation for those who are triggered by Columbus Day commemorations.

Junipero Serra is recognized as a saint in the Catholic church, however Native American tribes now accuse the 18th century missionary of presiding over a savage colonization campaign.

Police said a decision was made not to get directly involved in or interact with the demonstration so as not to inflame or escalate behaviors during the protest.

In other words, they just let it happen.

Officers who were monitoring the protest did keep tabs on those involved in the statue vandalism. As the suspects left the location, officers spoke to them away from the view of other participants in order to keep the protest peaceful and avoid larger conflict, police said.

All five were arrested for felony vandalism, issued citations and released, police said.


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