ABC will launch kids drama about a transgender schoolgirl

Premiering March 30 on ABC Me, First Day, is a new children’s drama series about a transgender girl navigating her first year of high school.

A new ABC drama series about being transgender had its origins – astonishingly — in The International Day of the Girl in 2017.

That’s right: In a kind of weird triumph of maleness over femaleness, a celebration of girlhood is showcasing a male actor pretending to be female.

First Day premiers this month on ABC Me. Made specifically for children, the drama series about a transgender girl navigating the first year of high school. Starring transgender activist and actor, Evie McDonald as Hannah Bradford, it will air as a four part, half hour episode series and will explore some of the difficulties transgender kids face at school.

First Day is written and directed by award-winning writer Julie Kalceff, who has been working in the film and television industry for over 15 years. The strange irony arises from the fact that Kalceff was initially commissioned by the ABC to write, direct and produce a stand-alone pilot episode of First day as part of the ABC’s celebrations for International Day of the Girl in 2017.

First Day is McDonald’s first acting role, however, he has been involved in a number of transgender awareness projects including the 2017 campaign to remove the family court from the gender affirmation process for transgender children.

In an interview with Star Observer, McDonald discussed just how important visibility projects such as First Day are in changing social perceptions about what it’s like to be transgender.

“I want to help make it easier for other people to come out as trans in the future. Being transgender is not a choice – and we’ve been around forever,” McDonald told Star Observer, which reported the story.


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