Accosted Catholic Students Should Lawyer Up, Sue

The families of students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky should lawyer up and sue major media corporations for libelous slander as stories blaming them for a confrontational standoff in Washington DC Friday after the March For Life proved to be false, says a major conservative commentator. (ABC News photo)

We can’t seem to get a straight story on this from the mainstream press, but videos and opinions abound in social media.

A major commentator goes to the point of suggesting that this needs to go quickly to court for some civil lawsuits against a back-pedaling host of news organizations.

On a weekend of multiple protests in Washington DC, including on Friday, the March for Life, a group of Catholic high school boys and several American Indian tribesmen drumming drums squared off, and heard were several bitter comments.

The videos went viral and the liberal left-wing media pounced right away with a campaign against the Catholics: white and wearing hats indicating support for Trump: the conservatives who support Trump must be destroyed, seems to be the marching orders for the mass media these days.

The controversy did not escape the attention of Todd Starnes, a major commentator for the conservative side.

“The young men of Covington Catholic High School have been subjected to nothing short of a political witch hunt because of their faith, the color of their skin and their devotion to making America great again,” Starnes announced on Sunday. “They are owed an apology.”

The students came to the nation’s capital for the March for Life event. Their Friday activity ended at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where other protest groups also demonstrated for other causes.

Starnes hopes that a host of punishing lawsuits arise from the “hoax” stories that ran in mainstream media through the weekend as double-checking facts would have taken mere minutes. Students and families have suffered threats and disruption because of the stories that ran. (Fox News photo)

“They assembled outside the Lincoln Memorial to wait for school buses,” Starnes noted. “That’s where the trouble started.”

The activist left-wing media side accused the Catholic boys of surrounding and terrorizing a few senior-aged Native Americans drumming their drums, including Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam veteran.

Phillips claimed in interviews that the group came over to them, and they blocked his way out. The Catholic boys also accosted a group of black men and were behaving beastly like animals hunting prey, according to Phillips.

The media coverage against the Catholic boys was unrelenting, and it brought profuse apologies from Catholic officials who also indicated they would like a chance to get the boys’ side of the story too.

One New York Times headline ran: “Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mob Native Elder at Indigenous Peoples March.”

Starnes noted that conservative outlets where some “Never-Trumpers” may be found, also heaped critical comments on the youthful pro-lifers.

“The National Review turned on the Catholic boys,” Starnes said, “without bothering to check their facts.”

let’s hope the families sue every news agency that falsely reported the story

Starnes added, “as a result of the media coverage, the students and their families have been terrorized and publicly shamed.”

Some students of Covington , including several falsely identified who did not even attend the march or go to DC, were identified and targeted by leftist activists following the major news reports.

“And now, thanks to irrefutable video evidence, we know that the entire story was a hoax – a flat-out lie,” Starnes concluded.

The drummers where the ones who came to where the young men were standing, minding their own business.

CNN, back-stepping on its original coverage, noted it was the black group that started in with the racial epithets and that drew attention to the youths and their tell-tale hats. The American Indians then came at that time.

“Oh, and those black protesters turned out to be members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a radical group known for being anti-gay,” Starnes pointed out.

“The video clearly shows the black protesters berating the teenage boys with all sorts of racial and homophobic slurs.”

In the wake of the incident, powerful Democrat Party leaders have gone so far as to call for the banning of MAGA hats from youth, and they made more disparaging remarks against the high-school Catholic boys.

Kentucky Democrat John Yarmuth, chairman of the House Budget Committee, took to Twitter to call on a ban against teenagers wearing red hats emblazoned with the slogan: Make America Great Again.

They ignore the facts emerging, facts that are causing large news outlets to begin back-pedaling, perhaps circumspect of possible lawsuits from some angry Catholic parents. The legal point is not lost on Starnes.

“In context, it appears that what really happened on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial is that a group of Catholic school boys was targeted and harassed by grown adults just because they were white, Catholic Trump supporters,” he said.

“There are a whole lot of grownups who owe those teenage boys an apology – starting with the liars in the Mainstream Media,” he added. “Let’s hope the families sue every news agency that falsely reported the story.”


  1. They need to sue the lying media asap. All their crying against bulling and now they are bulling those kids with defamatory articles.
    It’s time to make these lairs pay.


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